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Laura and Mistelle were so professional and exceptional with communicating throughout my entire divorce process and were always available to meet my needs. Omar answered my calls professionally and was very courteous. Sharon and Lean were so supportive with encouraging words throughout my hard times. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone having to divorce their dead weight!

Mamie Gomez

The amount of mental peace of mind and dedication that Ms. Laura Dean and her team have provided for my family in such as sensitive time deserves more than a review! Eternally gratefully and would with no doubt put my trust in her and the process. Above all, she truly cares about you! Thank you!

Deliah Vazquez

Mrs. Duran was extremely knowledgeable on family law and advised me with compassion. She was genuine and sincere. I highly recommend this law office.

Salina Rivera

Absolutely incredible experience working with this company. They responded in a timely manner and
kept me up to date through every step! Very professional and would highly recommend!

Steve Crosby

Meeting with an attorney can be intimidating and that is why I highly recommend Roberson Duran Law!
I first reached out to their office for advise on a CPS Adoption matter I was dealing with. Laura Duran
was very professional, communicative and knowledgeable with my case. I didn’t think I had any chance of winning my case. But thanks to Roberson Duran, all of that changed! I am extremely thankful for Roberson Duran and their staff, for all their time, hard work and assistance they provided me with.

Gaby MC

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