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Helping Families. Protecting Children. Providing Strong Representation.

We provide dedicated representation for clients in the San Antonio metro area who face a variety of legal problems in family law and estate planning. Our representation is high-quality, yet approachable and affordable.

We offer a full range of services involving:

  • Divorce: We will guide you through divorce law with calm and confidence.
  • Mediation: You can use mediation to resolve your divorce favorably and affordably.
  • Child custody and visitation: Advocating for you and your children’s best interests.
  • Adoption or surrogacy: We help heterosexual and LGBTQ couples add to their families.
  • Estate planning: Use today to plan your family’s and loved ones’ futures.
  • Probate: We assist with every aspect of probate, including unknown heirs’ cases.

Although we are skilled litigators, we always seek to resolve cases through mediation. Mediation has many advantages for nearly every scenario

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Our lawyers and team pursue what’s possible and mitigate risk. Roberson Duran Law is the right choice if you want a law firm that will tell you what’s realistic.

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Mediation may be an excellent solution if you’re grappling with a complex legal issue and are unsure of your next move. Through mediation, Roberson Duran Law, PLLC helps clients save time, money, and effort toward achieving their desired outcomes.

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We understand selecting an attorney can come with many questions about pricing. To provide transparency and help you better understand the potential cost of your case, we have provided our Attorney Fee Estimator. Please fill out the form to receive an instant fee range of what your case may cost.

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The fee ranges estimated by the attorney fee calculator provide you with a generalized expectation of expense. Actual costs may vary.


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We will support others

Our values are what keep us grounded. We have a passion for law founded in the community. This passion reminds us that success isn’t about becoming financially strong; it’s about remembering those who supported Roberson Duran and us doing the same for others.

Intro statement about how we feel about community.

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Intro statement about how we feel about community.

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Intro statement about how we feel about community.

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